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Wellness Workshops

Our fall offerings take a deep dive into immunity, respiratory and general wellness support.

These workshops are for anyone interested in holistic healing, supporting health naturally, and/or the way of herbs...from kitchen spices and vegetables to medicines we grow in our gardens and harvest from wild spaces.


We strive to deliver content is a way that is helpful for everyday living, is informative without being too clinical or overwhelming and supports people of all ages.

We'll sample and make an herbal remedy in each workshop...-mushroom concoctions, elderberry syrup & fire cider to name a few.


Magic of Mushrooms

October 7th
1-3 pm

$55 / Person
Includes all materials and supplies

We'll work with edible + medicinal mushrooms, discuss health benefits (hint...key players in long term immunity) and best preparation practices.

Join us for a cooking demonstration and mushroom tasting, followed by crafting a medicinal mushroom remedy (make n' take) to take home.

From saute pan to tincturing, mushrooms hold an important place in support of the immune system and general wellness.  

About your facilitators:
Tasha & Jason grow veggies and herbs organically at Urban Gourmet Family Farm.


Tasha is an herb grower, herbalist, reiki practitioner and licensed massage therapist of 20 years. Plants, people and the connections in between are her passion and hearts work.

Farmer Jason has many years experience growing and foraging mushrooms. Mushrooms are what inspired Jason to start the farm and mushroom foraging is one of his favorite ways to relax before or after a long day's work.

Herbal Syrups
& Oxymels

October 21st 
1-3 pm

$55 / Person
Includes all materials and supplies

We've just crossed the threshold into fall and we're already seeing an uptick in respiratory illness symptoms...sore throat, fever, cough and congestion.

We'll explore a variety of plant-based remedies to support immune + respiratory health, while also providing some symptomatic relief.


We'll work with elderberry, kitchen spices and other complimentary herbs.


Kitchen Witchery
+ Fire Cider

November 4th
1-3 pm

$55 / Person
Includes all materials and supplies

Common kitchen spices and herbs offer so much more than good flavor.  They are antimicrobial powerhouses, provide targeted immune support and can even provide relief of annoying cold symptoms.

Fire Cider is a seasonal winter remedy we always have on hand in our household...and it can be made from common grocery store ingredients! 


It can be enjoyed as a daily immune tonic and/or as an immune booster at the onset of cold symptoms.  I personally enjoy a shot of Fire Cider added to a cup of warm tea each day.  It's my favorite way to remedy bone-chilling cold that is common in the darkest days of winter.

Moving beyond the dinner plate, we'll prepare these foods in new and interesting ways, including a Fire Cider remedy to take home.  Fire Cider is fairly easy to make...and recipes are varied.

Longevity Teas &
Herbal Infusions

November 18th 
1-3 pm

$55 / Person
Includes all materials and supplies

Tea is one of the easiest ways to both enjoy and support our health with herbs. Some herbs support best with daily consumption while others are best used for a short period of time.

We'll get to know several herbs, their qualities as perceived through the senses, and how to go about choosing the best herbs based upon how we're feeling and what symptoms we're experiencing...

 for immunity,
to alleviate sinus pressure,
to soothe a sore throat,
to lift chest congestion,
to reduce headache intensity,
to soothe digestion
to ease nervous tension
and more.


The Winter Cauldron
Herbal Steam & Smoke

December 2nd
1-3 pm

$55 / Person
Includes all materials and supplies

Slow down, turn awareness towards your body's most subtle rhythms and take a step into the realm of herbal steam and smoke.

 We'll explore the ways herbal smoke has been and is continually used for healing & energy clearing.

 Herbal steams offer many benefits for home and body. These plants are easy to come by, either at the grocery store and often times not far from our front door (free).

Enjoy a guided meditation along with your herbs of choice to take home.

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