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Air Purification
& Masks

In the treatment room...

Massage Therapists always have been held to a very high standard of cleanliness.  From handwashing and freshly cleaned linens for every client to room cleaning between each session, many of the COVID-19 sanitization requirements are practices our profession had in place prior to 2020.  We've added the following for that extra layer of protection.

HEPA air purifier with UV-C light to clear and disinfect the air.  The purifier cycles the air in the room 3-4x every hour.  

~ EPA approved Bioesque (surface) Disinfectant Solution kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold spores in 1-3 minutes.  Kills SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) in 1-minute.  This is used to disinfect the table, face cradle and all contact surfaces within the room after every session.  

~ Masking is a personal health choice.  There is a link in your booking confirmation email that you can use to specify your preferences.

~ Contactless payment option 


On retreat...

Wellness & herbal retreats take place outdoors.  Masking is optional.  Please be mindful and considerate of other participants within your group.

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