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Herbal Healing Retreats




Attend one season or all three.

A retreat experience spread out across the seasons, 

weaving together herbal wisdom, foraging, gardening, 

earth (re)connection, healing & growth.  Our retreats are facilitated in a way which supports individual and collective learning & growing through experiential processes and hands-on-learning.

During each seasonal retreat, we meet in-person for a full-day, every other week over the course of two months.  Time together is spent in both "active" learning/doing and "passive" quiet/reflective experiencing.  A few Tuesday evening zoom meetings (spread-out over the two months) tie in finer details underpinning the experiential learning and serve as check-in points for anything that needs review/revisiting.


Herbal Wellness
Foundational knowledge
for healthy living...


Detailed instruction in herb craft from simple infusions, decoctions and tinctures to gourmet dishes, fermented beverages and more.

Food as Medicine…a new take on common kitchen spices.

Support and strengthen internal body systems for targeted healing.

Holistic healing through sacred plant teachings - connecting with spirit of plants & land. 


Experiential Learning
Explorations in foraging, organic gardening & nature connection...

Ethics and safety of Foraging.  

In spring, we explore our local area parks and natural areas.

Come summer we harvest, process and craft from the gardens at Urban Gourmet Family Farm.

All year round, but especially in fall, we focus on building our herbal apothecary/food pantry for winter and year-round wellness and explore wild mushrooms.

Cultivating awareness, caring & tending, community, awe and reverence.

Floating Bubble

+ Sensory Awareness

for peace within...

Awaken awareness and intuition through ever-changing sights, smells, noises, tastes and textures of the natural world.

Guided meditations in body awareness, grounding, centering and boundaries.

Games and activities to expand and fine-tune our senses.



Fall into Wellness Retreat


Oct 7th - Dec 2nd 

Every other Saturday 


Immune modulators, immune stimulants, antimicrobials and more.  Our fall retreat takes a deep dive into immunity and general wellness.  How do you know which herbs to take, when and for how long?  Learn which herbs are safe for long-term daily use, which herbs to take for immune system support when exposed or fighting respiratory illnesses and which herbs are helpful in bringing comfort and relief when sick.

Get to know a few select mushrooms that are easy to identify and incorporate into our diet and lifestyle.

Harvest, process and craft from the gardens & wild spaces at Urban Gourmet Family Farm.  Start building your herbal apothecary & food pantry for year-round wellness through a variety of preservation methods. 

Herb Craft - Create herbal infusions in various menstruums -water, oil, vinegar, alcohol- using fresh and dried herbs.  Particular emphasis will be on long-term storage.  How do we process and store our harvest to get us through winter?   


Saturdays 9am - 3pm 

Oct 7, 21

Nov 4, 18

Dec 2

Cost:  $375

(Normally $450-$600 Sliding Scale)


Farm, Field & Forest Retreat


Every other Saturday

June 17th - August 12th 

9:30am - 2:30pm

Register for the whole retreat series

OR Register for Herb Craft Workshop(s) only (details below)

Healing herbs of field, forest & garden.  Explore the abundance of untended wild and cultivated garden spaces.  Come play, relax and be restored through connection with the land and one another.


Harvest, process and craft from the gardens & wild spaces at Urban Gourmet Family Farm, located in the town of Lake Mills, 25 minutes east of Madison.

Saturdays 9:30am-2:30pm

Cost: $500

June 17

July 1, 15, 29

Aug 12

Herb Craft Workshop(s) only

12:30-2:30pm / Cost $65 per class/day

June 17 - Mocktails, Cocktails & More

July 1 - Fermented Herbal Beverages

July 15 - Farm & Garden Remedies

July 29 - Herbal Elixirs

Aug 12 - Everything Elderberry


Spring into the Wild Retreat


March 11th - May 6th

Every other Saturday

10am - 4pm


Adaptogens, tonic & bitter herbs, oh my!

These foundational herbs bring support to our nervous system, gently cleanse and restore internal organ function and ease digestive processes.  They have been thoroughly studied with most proven safe for everyday use.


Foraging 101 - safety & plant Identification.  Learn to identify, harvest, process, prepare and/or preserve at least 5 wild, edible and medicinal plants.  Foraging allows us to connect in meaningful ways with the land, wildlife and plants around us.

Herb Craft - Create herbal infusions in various menstruums -water, oil, vinegar, alcohol- using fresh and dried herbs.  

Saturdays 10 - 4

March 11, 25

April 8, 22

May 6


Seasonal retreat general information

What we’ll do…we’ll spend time indoors and out (indoors while still cold and outdoors as weather warms), exploring the land, playing games, tuning into our body, heart and mind while expanding our senses, meeting the plants + harvesting, processing & crafting.

Most supplies are included.  You'll be asked to bring a pair of scissors, jars/containers for transporting/storing your herbal creations and anything else you need to be comfortable both indoors and out.

Our spring session will kick-off indoors at our Cambridge office.  We'll get outside as the weather warms.  Pack a lunch/snacks and your water bottle.

More information will be provided regarding locations once registered.  Places we meet for in-person gatherings include Sacred Rhythms Cambridge office, CamRock Park in Cambridge, Urban Gourmet Family Farm and Korth Park in Lake Mills.

Payment plans and barter opportunities available.


Previous Events

White Sand and Stone

Sound Bath Meditation

Mondays Nov 28th - Dec 19th
9:30-10:30 am
Saturday Dec 10th
3:00 - 4:00 pm

Saturday Dec 24th
9:30-10:30 am

$25 / Person
Attend one or all.

What is a Sound Bath Meditation?

Immerse yourself in the experience of sound healing created through the vibrational frequencies of quarts crystal singing bowls.

While sitting or laying down comfortably, we begin with a guided grounding & centering. The bowls are played as you still your mind and connect through your breath. The sound portion is followed by a period of silence with time for questions and optional sharing at the end.


  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Induce calm and deep relaxation

  • Balance brain activity

  • Reduce body tension

  • Enhance body-mind connection

  • Supports ease of meditative


These classes take place at Sacred Rhythms Cambridge office at 210 W. Main Street

Space is limited to 6 participants. 


$25/person per class


Please arrive 5 minutes early to settle in.

Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, small blanket and anything else you need to be comfortable laying down for 1-hour.

Register below.

Fire Cider Tasting
& Make N' Take

Friday September 23, 2022
5pm - 8pm

$34 + $15 Materials fee

Fire Cider is an herbal tonic that can be taken daily for immune system support AND/OR as needed for symptomatic relief from colds and flu.

Join me for a few hours of Fire Cider

tasting, crafting and herbal lore.

Make a batch of Fire Cider using the freshest, organically grown vegetables and herbs from ours and other local farms, to take home and enjoy through the winter months.


Elderberry Tasting
+ Take N' Make

Friday, September 30th
5pm - 8pm

$54 / Person
$39 + $15 Materials fee

Do you get sick often?

Are you concerned about cold & flu season?

Are you interested in natural ways to a stronger,

more resilient immune system?

Join me for a few immersive hours of herb craft, centered around the infamous Elderberry...

While our focus will be on the making of elderberry syrup, we'll also learn about historical & modern uses, health benefits, the spirit of Elder & various preparations. 

Each participant will receive an Elderberry Syrup Kit. The kit includes a pre-mix of dried elderberries and herbs, straining cloth and detailed instructions for making a fresh batch of syrup at home.

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