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Herbal Healing Retreats

Registration now open!

Join in and enjoy an immersive seasonal Herbal Healing Retreat.  A retreat experience spread out across the seasons, weaving together herbal wisdom, foraging, gardening, earth (re)connection, healing & personal growth.

Spring, Summer & Fall Sessions available.

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Healing Bodywork Specializations
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​Neck & Back Pain
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Stress Reduction
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Meet Tasha

Professionally, I've been walking this path since 2005, providing healing massage and bodywork sessions, herbal lifestyle guidance & mentored time in nature (retreats).  I enjoy helping clients overcome or manage their pain, stress and suffering while simultaneously supporting personal growth, health and wellness goals.

When I'm not "working," I love reading, foraging, gardening, beach days, snow days, observing & celebrating the change of seasons, herbal medicine making, nature walks and quality time with my dear ones.

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Services & Offerings

  • A stand-alone treatment or in combination with massage.
    $60 - $160
  • A fusion of eastern & western techniques customized just for your body
    $60 - $200
  • Swedish massage with guided breathwork & meridian balancing.
    $60 - $200
  • Integrated massage & energywork for healing body, mind & spirit.
    $120 - $200
  • Relax & experience peace while supporting your health energetically.
    $60 - $160
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What Clients Say

“What a great experience… Today I received a cupping massage with Tasha and had, by far, the best massage experience that I’ve ever had. Tasha was attentive and mindful of all the discomfort in my body. This was not just any old massage, this was precise body work that brought back mobility and alleviated so much pain in my problem areas. Thank you, Tasha!”

Elani P.

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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