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Massage Practitioner Clinic

...for a limited time!

every-other Tuesday

11am - 4pm

January - April 2024

January 9, 23

February 13, 27

March 12, 26

April 9, 23

Welcoming & mentoring a new professional in the field of Massage Therapy...

We are delighted to be working with no-longer student, but not yet licensed professional Massage Practitioner, Fanci Gunderson.  Fanci has completed all of her academic and clinic hours at East West Healing Art Institute, passed the WI Laws and Statutes State Exam and will sit for her MBLEx Exam in May.

Practitioner sessions are reduced-rate Massage Therapy services in a supervised setting.  These sessions are an extension of Massage Therapy training, provide mentored support and real-world experience for the practitioner and are offered at a reduced rate to the community.


What does a "supervised practitioner massage session" entail?

Your intake, assessments and closing feedback will be with both the Massage Practitioner and Supervising Massage Therapist, Tasha.  The massage service will be provided by the Massage Practitioner, Fanci.

About Fanci...

"I've always been interested in helping others from a young age.  I felt like I was floating on a cloud after my first Reiki session, and from there wanted to learn more.  I chose East West Healing Arts Institute (Massage School) in Madison because the training brings together eastern energetics and sciences of the west.  I learned so much about health and the body.  Receiving regular massages throughout the program at East West taught me much about my own body as well.  I love the way Massage and Reiki reduces pain and helps you feel more relaxed.  As someone with ADHD, providing massage to others helps me slow down and put intention into what I'm doing.  I enjoy applying my ability to hyper-focus, tuning into what my hands are telling me and supporting each client's need in the moment."

Fanci specializes in Swedish relaxation massage, TuiNa & Acupressure for more focused work on areas of greater need (tension, knots) and Reiki.  Fanci is trained as a Reiki Master Practitioner and loves combining Reiki with Massage.  Relaxation Massage, Reiki Massage, and Reiki Healing Sessions are available during our Practitioner Clinic.

You can learn more about Tasha here.

Book a Session...

Cost $60 per 1-hour session.

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